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Join us in keeping pets out of shelters and In their homes with the families who love them. We believe that pets are family too.

IMG_1706Animal Haus is an animal welfare nonprofit in the Denver metro area serving Colorado’s neediest families and pets.  Our mission is to provide basic necessities to pets and their owners to support the human/animal bond and to prevent pet homelessness.

We are managed completely by volunteers and we could use your talent and time!  We need help with our pet food pantry, foster parents for pets, help with our fundraisers – there is an abundance of opportunity!

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Volunteer with Animal Haus:

Fill out the online volunteer sign up form and submit it to Animal Haus. We’ll contact you about upcoming events.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead



Every year Animal Haus honors a volunteer who has helped us reach our goals. Our volunteers are what keeps Animal Haus running year-round. Thank you to those who continuously put in the time and effort to help pets in need.

2016 Volunteer of the Year Award Winners! Beth and Darren

1Beth and Darren Owens have been volunteering with Animal Haus since 2014 and are a steady support with pet food deliveries.  They are reliable, consistent and we can always count on them, Animal Haus is so very grateful for their ongoing commitment and support to help needy pets throughout the Denver Metro Area. They say, “We love the pet food deliveries, exploring new areas and getting to know the families that we serve.  It’s been extremely humbling to be appreciated for something that seems so easy.”  2

Beth and Darren are the puppy parents of Kodie, 4 and Ozzie, 2…Two crazy, cuddly, loving best buddies.  They also have a grand-cat, Lennon two amazing girls, Sara, 19 and Shelby, 24 that help out with deliveries when they can.  They like to get outside, whether it’s camping, working in the yard or going for a walk.

Animal Haus is so honored to have Beth and Darren’s support, cheers to you for being our 2016 volunteers of the year!

2015 Volunteer of the Year: Kalyn & Monica

IMG_1548Kalyn Davey has been volunteering with Animal Haus since 2014. She is an animal lover with 3 furry children of her own, Maia, Mattie, and Lucy! Kalyn volunteers with her friend Monica mostly with food deliveries, but also food and supply pick up and working events to help raise awareness and donations for this amazing organization! Her dream is to one day open an animal rescue with her husband. When not helping with Animal Haus, some of her favorite things to do are training for and running races, hiking 14ers, traveling, and photography!


20151017_122246Monica has been a volunteer with Animal Haus for over a year.  She has a passion for helping people and pets in need so animals can stay with their families.  Monica and her friend Kalyn have helped out with everything from pet food deliveries to donation pick-ups to working at the People’s Fair selling beer!  Monica has always been an animal lover and even volunteered at a veterinary clinic when she was younger.  She is the proud mom of an 11 month old puppy named Larry.  He is full of energy and keeps her very busy!  When she is not volunteering with Animal Haus, Monica enjoys hiking Colorado’s 14ers in the summer and skiing in the winter.


2014 Volunteers of the Year: Shanna & Ed Bradford, Betty Bramlitt

mom and dad for volunteer of yearShanna and Edward Bradford are the type of volunteers that you can always count on. They are available for weekly pet food deliveries, will do donation pick ups upon request and help fundraise any chance they get.  Shanna once had a yard sale where all proceeds were donated to Animal Haus! Ed is a master wood craftsman and has donated many of his project for the silent auction events.  Animal Haus has received many compliments from those we serve about Shanna and Ed’s kindness and gentle spirit.  Recently, “their route” in Arvada was covered by other volunteers and the families we serve asked about their welfare immediately. Shanna and Ed moved to Colorado three years ago with their two rescue dogs, Maxie and Ney Ney. We appreciate you, Shanna and Ed!


IMG_2287Betty Bramlitt is our one-woman team managing Animal Haus’s website and we have to say, it looks fabulous.  Betty is almost always ‘on call’ and updating the website regularly to assure its accuracy with our most up-to-date information.  It’s not an easy job (that she doesn’t get paid for) when there are constant updates and changes to be made.  For over a year, Betty has been THE designer, and content manager for the website. Betty’s expertise is in product management with a background in web development and marketing however she enjoys practicing her website design skills while helping a nonprofit that she cares deeply about. Betty is a huge supporter of Animal Haus, participating and volunteering for many Animal Haus fundraisers and events. Betty and her daughter, Greta spend their free time enjoying beautiful Colorado and all it has to offer.  Betty- you make us look great!  Thanks for all you do for us!


2013  Volunteer of the Year: Summer Rae Matthewson

sr and gSummer Rae Matthewson has been a supporter of Animal Haus since Day 1… before it was a 501c3 nonprofit recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, long before it was incorporated. She was a supporter when it was simply a dream. Summer, a high school friend of Troy Naberhaus (co-founder, of Animal Haus with his wife Jessie) agreed to design a logo for their organization that didn’t have much more going for it at the time, except passion. And passion can make things happen. Since the design of the logo, legalities of being a nonprofit organization, Animal Haus has provided over 9,000 pounds of pet food to hungry pets throughout the Metro Denver area since December 2012. Summer, a pet lover and dog rescuer herself, has continued to support Animal Haus efforts by designing event flyers for food drives and fundraisers! Most recently, Summer wrote an article about Animal Haus for the Denver Dog Magazine, keep your eyes peeled for the Holiday 2013 issue!

Thanks for all you do, Summer!

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