About Us

OUR MISSION: To prevent pet homelessness by temporarily providing basic necessities to pets and their owners to support the human/animal bond.

We believe that pets are family and know how difficult it would be to find ourselves in a situation where we may temporarily need help to care for our pets – and not be able to find that help.  The thought of relinquishing a pet (also known as a fur baby, family member, cherished love one, one’s “baby” and many other endearing terms) is heart-wrenching.  The notion to no longer be able to care for them, even momentarily, can be worrisome; the idea of leaving them behind can be unbearable.  Sometimes a pet is the only family that one may have… and we want to support that bond.

Animal Haus was founded in December 2011 and received official 501c3 tax exempt status in December 2012.  It is the goal of Animal Haus to provide for basic pet needs temporarily while the family can develop a long term plan.  Animal Haus began operating the pet food pantry immediately after that acknowledgement and in two years of providing food, Animal Haus provided provided over 23,000 pounds of food to hungry pets throughout the Denver Metro area!  In October 2014, we started a partnership with Spay Today, Neuter Now, to help get needy pets the necessary vaccinations they need to be licensed in their city or residence.

Animal Haus is managed completely by volunteers who donate their time and energy to support our mission, working to keep pets out of our overflowing shelters and rescues but instead in their homes and with the families that love them.  We believe that pets are family too.

Animal Haus does not receive any government funding.  Animal Haus is a nonprofit that receives individual donations, foundation and grant support, in-kind donations and hosts many fundraising events to support our mission.  Animal Haus is a recognized 501(c)3 animal welfare nonprofit.

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