H.O.P.P. – Helping other people’s pets

H.O.P.P Program

The Animal Haus H.O.P.P. program assists with other basic pet care needs aside from nutrition. H.O.P.P. may be able to assist with products or services that your pet may need such as cat litter, vaccinations or the cost of medical services.

To be considered for the H.O.P.P. program, pet guardian must complete an application and provide all necessary documentation via US mail or email to Animal Haus. There may be a wait-list for some requests.

Download, print and mail application: HOPP APPLICATION 2017

For medical assistance, see guidelines below:

  • Fill out an application.
  • Applicant is expected to contribute at least half of the cost of service/procedure.
  • Pets must have a good prognosis, and applicant must be able to provide follow up care based on the veterinarian’s recommendations.
  • Client must authorize Animal Haus to receive medical records and recommendations from the veterinarian.
  • At this time, emergency care is not available.



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